Bandicoot congratulates readers on knowing Facebook’s corporate mission – you do know, don’t you, good people, what it is? The link on the Mornington Peninsula Bandicoot Facebook page has brought  you to the whole story.

… And here you are…

zucker - worthNow we can talk openly, away from the prying eyes of Mr Mark Zuckerberg’s associates. Bandicoot will be interested to see how long the link on Facebook lasts when this article – secure here, we hope, even from the power of the Zuckerberg $US54.4 billion ($A72. 5 bn) fortune – comes under the steely corporate Facebook scrutiny. That was billion, in case you thought it might be a misprint. Mr Zuckerberg is aged 32 or thereabouts.

It comes to you from the pages of English satirical fortnightly magazine Private Eye which, like Mornington Peninsula Bandicoot, has a deep regard for the truth. The Old Coot subscribes to PE and urges you all to do the same. No fake news there, or here!

Its latest issue states that (as we all know) Facebook “only cares about us insofar as we can provide it with data”. That’s why it urges you to supply more and more, such as your mobile phone number. You have probably already provided trivia such as your age, your education, your profession … take a look through your site and check how much Facebook already knows about you. And be mildly alarmed.

PE continues: “… [A] data scientist … discovered that Facebook collects not only all the things users post on the network but also things they don’t post, by tracking keystrokes, deleted posts, where you move your cursor on-screen, the other sites you visit while you’re logged in to Facebook, and so on.”

zuckerberg-word-bubbleWhat is it doing with all this information, PE asks, “apart from selling it to advertisers and using it to target you with promotional messages”?

This might help you understand what’s going on. Bandicoot recently went exploring the possibility of an overseas holiday. Immediately he was deluged with hotel and car rental offers, plus travel insurance and more (no steak knives yet), in the very destinations under consideration.

Makes you think, doesn’t it!

NB: Bandicoot wrote all of this while not logged in to his Facebook page. So, not a single keystroke of it was able to be tracked. Heh-heh!

■, if you’re interested. 

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